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12. June 2019
Famed worldwide for their dances, music, customs and body modifications, The Maasai people are a huge part of culture in Tanzania. Having originated from Southern Sudan, they migrated into Tanzania during the 17th Century and, of the remaining 12 distinct groups of Maasai left in the world, the largest of these groups is found in Northern Tanzania. With their original customs still largely held in tact within these groups, they prove to be a great source of tourism within the country; as many...
29. May 2019
In this series we look at the rich blend of people that belong to Tanzania, where they come from and how they put aside differences to become one nation, one people, respecting one another’s beliefs. With an estimated population of around 40 million people, Tanzania is a cauldron of ethnicity, culture and history. The Republic of Tanzania has evolved the greatest linguistic diversity in the whole of the African continent, with four major African language bases, ranging from Bantu, Cushitic...
15. May 2019
A project created to empower women and give them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, Afrikan Wear Design has had a positive impact on so many lives. Founded in 2015, the project offers widows, single mothers and young women sewing machines and a place to grow their skills and create and design their own clothes, jewellery and more. Last week, a few volunteers from Viva Tanzania, Jen, Ryan and Nicole, were lucky enough to visit Afrikan Wear Design. The project itself is...
08. May 2019
Plant some trees, save the world. Simple, right? Actually, it is! With our planet facing a worldwide crisis due to pollution, loss of vegetation and deforestation, it is essential for communities everywhere to team up and stop the rot. Our lives literally depend on it. So were rounded up all of our volunteers, hopped in the truck and headed on down to our good friends at Tengeru Environmental Conservation Program to see what we could do! Winner of the 2015 Africa Award for Cultural and Heritage...
01. May 2019
Feeling particularly fancy in our own private dala dala, a group of volunteers left Nyumbani Hostel on Friday morning for our monthly community day. On the last Friday of every month, we all come together to help one of the many projects we work with. Pippi House is a shelter for homeless girls, women and their children that aims to provide them with an education and a better way of living. Recently, they have created their own garden where they aim to grow vegetables both to sell for a little...
25. April 2019
Our volunteers learn the secrets of the ancients!
19. April 2019
Visiting our partners at Mbwa Wa Africa Animal Shelter. Be prepared for cuteness!
22. March 2019
Nyumbani Hostel - A Love Story.
03. March 2019
The Beginning of An Adventure!