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12. September 2019
In doubt which routes to take when climbing Kilimanjaro? Then keep reading and find out what the different routes offer! So, there are six official routes up Mount Kilimanjaro, which means there is definitely a route that will fit entirely with whatever experience it is you are looking for. The Rongai Route is the easiest of the six ways to Africa’s highest peak. If you’re looking for time to relax and reflect while you climb, this is the route for you! Not only is it deemed “easy”, it...

21. August 2019
Things to know when travelling to Tanzania

14. August 2019
What to eat in Tanzania

17. July 2019
Discover Lake Manyara

10. July 2019
The Serengeti National Park

27. June 2019
The Tarangire National Park

19. June 2019
The Sukuma - An ethnic group in Tanzania

12. June 2019
The Maasai

05. June 2019
Working with the community on World Environment Day!

29. May 2019
How Many Became One

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