Arusha and Surroundings

About half a million people live in Arusha. Most of them belong to the Waarusha, Wameru and Maasai ethnicity. Although the town is smaller than Dar es Salaam, you have access to almost everything you need, like ATMs that support visa mostly, nightlife and restaurants with a variety of cuisines like Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Tanzanian or American Fast Food. Supermarkets and small shops stock everything from soap, to cheese and brown bread.


One of the biggest advantages of being in Arusha, is because it is the “Safari City”, surrounded by the most popular National Parks of Tanzania, like the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Lake Manyara as well as Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.


In your free time you can visit the local craft market (also known as “Maasai Market“), hang out at a swimming pool, walk around town, visit other local markets to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables (and with a couple of Swahili words, bargain for them - a must in Tanzania!). If you happen to discover to the fullest all the wonders that Arusha offers, you can take a bus to Moshi and continue from there. Moshi and Arusha are surrounded by a lot of nature, so you can do trips to waterfalls, hiking, as well as cultural tours visiting different tribes and gaining an inside look of their former culture and today's everyday life.