Additional Information

Tanzanian society is conservative and you should avoid any offensive behavior in order to be accepted by locals. Offensive behavior includes, among other things, kissing or holding hands in public, eating with the left hand (that is used at the toilet to clean yourself since the use of toilet paper is not common) as well as dressing up with short clothes during day times (applies to men and women). Travel Guides suggest covering knees and shoulders – we suggest to dress the way you don‘t feel uncomfortable. People will stare and talk to you, you are a guest in this country and you should feel comfortable walking around in town. At night people dress however they want so don‘t forget nice and good clothes!



Although it‘s not very risky to travel to Tanzania you should be informed about vaccinations (like Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Tetanus,...) and if you wish to take it also Malaria Prophylaxis. For more information on that please consult your doctor or a specialist for tropical countries. Robbery and thievery take place just as often as it does in your home country and with a few safety precautions, like taking a taxi after sundown, not wearing the most expensive jewelry you have and sticking to other safety rules, you will be fine. For visa information please check the homepage from the Tanzanian Embassy in your country.


If you want to know more about Tanzania we can recommend, among others “Tanzania - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture“, as well as the Lonely Planet guides.