How It All Began

Nyumbani Hostel - A  Love Story


All great stories start somewhere, and often it’s because of love.


I can proudly say this is exactly how the ever-growing Nyumbani family came around – thanks to the love of two people, and how that blossomed into something more than a partnership or business plan; how it became a mighty tree expanding it’s roots and offering nourishment and protection to many.


Tizia and Tini are the owners and founders of Nyumbani Hostel, Arusha.

This story starts in 2010 when German national Tizia took the leap and came to Tanzania for the first time, spending time in Dar es Salaam with the volunteer program Weltwaerts at a Kindergarten, helping shape the lives of future generations. The year she spent here in Tanzania started a deep passion for learning the culture and all the country has to offer. Tizia returned in 2013 to study at the University of Dar es Salaam, gaining a BSC in Cultural Anthropology, with her thesis about stereotype and images of the Maasai in media and tourism. It was at this time, a week after her return, that she met Tini and something we all seek in life happened – love blossomed.


Love for Tini and Tanzania made moving to the country a much easier choice, so in 2015 Tizia returned once again and together their shared passion for opportunity, education and exploration led to the creation of Viva Tanzania and Nyumbani Hostel.


Nyumbani Hostel started almost accidentally, after a venture into Airbnb proved successful during a time when Arusha didn’t have many places for tourists to stay.

The success and joy in hosting travelers, coupled with their ideas for Viva Tanzania, led to Tini and Tizia officially opening Nyumbani Hostel, albeit on a much smaller scale at first. They started out modestly, with only one bed available, and slowly expanded at every available opportunity. Word soon spread about the little, but ever-growing hostel and their ability to combine a home stay experience with incredible activity based trips. They soon hired a manager, and increased their staff of local people to help them reach the point they’re at today; a unique hostel, run by local people, offering amazing trips and experiences whilst still retaining the feeling of being at home.



So if you, like us, are seeking a place where home comforts meet adventure, then we urge you to come and visit the whole family here at Nyumbani Hostel – your home far away from home!

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